About us

– Most of us understand that handmade goods are made by hand, not by machines like most of today’s mass household products. A product is truly handmade only when it is the result of meticulous handwork, creativity to modify or combine different raw materials. Just decorating or modifying an existing item that is already a mass-produced item will not turn it into a handmade product. Today’s craftsmen have become artisans, and each of their creations must be almost unique, bearing their own personal stamp. Memteeshop is a shop specializing in selling handmade products, products are close to life such as Carpets, glasses, clothes, …
– Jenishoptee is a new type of online retail shop, where we base all of our items for sale on the most popular thing we see throughout the web. The It’s my style team is a group of experienced entrepreneurs from all different background who, just like you, enjoy shopping for our favorite items online. And so we set out to create a better experience for people and to really find those items that people love to share and talk about. Then we used our network of worldwide distributors and manufacturers to make sure we can always deliver the best items right to your doorstep! At the end of the day, we’re just having fun and trying to share our passion for great online shopping with the people everywhere! We hope you enjoy our store, and please let us know if you have questions or suggestions!

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